Fun in Phoenix

I’m backkkkkk!!! Sorry for the long break but I had some technical issues that took a while to solve, but we’re back up and running!

In mid November I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Phoenix for the second time with my soccer team to play in the ECNL Showcase. Now, I have to say, the Reach 11 Sports Complex has THE prettiest fields I’ve ever played at. The grass is amazing and the mountains in the background make the scene picture perfect. It looks like it came out of a picture book!

I remember a year ago on this same trip, I was sitting in one of our vans on the way to a game and Taylor Swift’s newest album, Reputation, had just been released. I bought it immediately on I-tunes and got so pumped up for my game. Happy album release anniversary Taylor!!

Anyways… after finally arriving late Thursday night we got to our hotel and were greeted with a nice surprise. You can pretty much say that there was a jungle in our hotel. From palm trees to rivers with lots of Koi fish. There was even a “selfie suite” to take pictures in front of the Grand Canyon 🙂

But on to the good stuff. Since we had a red-eye flight back to Charlotte the day we left, we had extra time to do a little sightseeing! We decided to go hiking at Camelback Mountain. If you want to see the some of the biggest cacti I have ever seen this is definitely the place! We had to walk down this long street to actually get to the mountain but there were some really amazing houses along the way to look at. The hike itself was very engaging- you had to pay attention to where you were stepping cause at some points you were actually climbing large rocks. The view was beautiful at every point of the hike. From the bottom of the mountain to the middle, the view just kept getting more and more grand. We didn’t make it to the top, I mean we did just play three tiring soccer games haha. In the end the hike was very rewarding and I’m glad we took the time to do it.

Next we went on to explore a little western town called Old Town Scottsdale. There were lots of cute little stores with clothes, knick knacks and other random stuff. The town was already decorated for Christmas so the lights that were strung across all the streets made it look even prettier. We ended the adventure with dinner at a local sandwich shop before we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the flight home.

Our time to explore was short but I got a nice glimpse of Phoenix and I’m very grateful for the experience. Can’t wait to go back to explore the Grand Canyon!!