Off to Barcelona

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My parents woke me up this morning because we wanted to make sure we had more than enough time to get to the airport and catch our flight. Finished up the last of our toaster waffles, oranges, and milk and started the trek to Stansted Airport (a different one than we arrived in). First we walked to the Tube station, took a Tube to the train station, and too the train to the airport. We finally got through security, which took longer because BOTH of Daniela’s bags were stopped because she didn’t take all the liquids out. Who would’ve thought?! 🙂 After security, in order for you to get to any of the terminals you have to walk through what looks like a huge mall. There are stores on either sides with all kinds of things. They want to make sure you spend all your money before you leave!

In order to get on the plane we had to walk out onto the tarmac. All the crew was not there yet so they made us freeze our butts off for like 15 miniatures before letting us board the plane.

The flight was a short 2 hours which was good. We went through customs and caught a cab to out new apartment! This is probably my favorite place yet. You walk down our cute and quite little street and you can see La Sagrada Familia. The apartment is really cute, with exposed brick and other modern decor. D and I have a little room in the back with bunk beds. It’s like our own little cave. I slept soooooooo good in there.

After we got settled and finished the paper work with the apartment agency, we took the now called Metro to the stadium for the FC Barcelona game- one of the major highlights of the trip!! We got some dinner at a sandwich place before we got in. We sat high up but they had a great view and could see the words, “Mes que in club” written perfectly in the seats. It’s insane to be able to say that I saw Messi score TWO goals in person. It’s unbelievable just typing it!!!!! Watching one of the best soccer players in the world play was one of the best nights of my life! Can’t wait to go back and tour the stadium in a few days.

After the game we stopped to get a late night snack before falling fast asleep in our new cozy home.

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