A Day of Walking in Barcelona

Monday, April 17, 2017

Today’s highlights included La Sagrada Familia and lots of walking!

La Sagrada Familia was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! It’s a magnificent basilica made by Gaudi and it’s not even done yet. The builders plan is to be done by 2026 which is the millennium of the death of Gaudi. There is so much detail and everything has meaning. We had bought audio guides so we got all the behind the scenes and extra info on the the construction and other insights. This was definitely the way to go because I wouldn’t have though much of anything except that it was a pretty basilica. You see it through a new perspective when you learn all the history about the castle like structure. We also bought tickets in order to climb one of the four bell towers that had been built. This gave us amazing panoramic views of the beautiful city. Another plus was that our apartment was less than a black away from it!

After a great morning learning about the history of La Sagrada Familia we walked the Block of Discord which held other buildings built by Gaudi including, Casa Batllo, Casa Amatller and Casa Morera. They were all very interesting and pretty!

We then stopped for a snack at a tapas restaurant. We sat at the bar where you could see all the different kinds behind the glass. We ordered a bunch of different kinds and shared!  **Tip: If you ever have to share, share with Daniela because she is picky and doesn’t like all the really good stuff so you get double the food!!

After being re-energized, we kept the adventure coming. There was a big plaza with a bunch of people and there also happened to be a lot of pigeons. Daniela’s new hobby has been naming and chasing the pigeons, so she had a blast.

We continued on to Las Ramblas, which is like the mainstreet and it holds the most tourists. It was very crowded but fun to see all the vendors on the streets. We got down to the Columbus Statue which is right on the water. There are many boats and very nice looking yachts docked on the water. We walked down farther because Daniela wanted to touch some sand. It was a beautiful day for a walk on the beach. It’s not like a regular beach though, there are a bunch of restaurants on it and many tourists because the streets and regular buildings are right behind it.

After a long day of some good exercise we took the Metro back to the apartment and slept really really good.

**New Pictures!