Time is Ticking

As of right now, there are approximately 31 hours until flight 731 to London takes off and I haven’t even started packing. I get stressed out even thinking about all the things I have to pack, how I am going to remember all of them, and how I am going to fit everything into my 21″ suitcase. But everything is going to be fine because after my soccer game today and the essay I have to write I am going to turn up my favorite jams (Ed Sheeran at the moment) and knock it all out. Once the packing is out of the way I can relax for the night.

Tomorrow our flight leaves at 9:55 pm. We also have to be at the airport 3 hours in advance because it is an international flight. I can tell you the only thing I will be doing on the place is sleeping… hopefully. Because 1. I need some good sleep before I wake up to a bustling day in London and 2. because I will probably already fall asleep without even trying. It’s insane to think that when I fall asleep on the plane in America, I will then wake up to mid-day in Europe and to be more specific London, England. How cool is that?! Just talking about it gets me excited.

About a month ago I bought myself a GoPro, not specifically for the trip but I definitely had it in mind. Seeing all the ads for GoPro looked so cool with all the different angles and shots you could get with it still being great quality, so to say the least I have been wanting one for a while. A couple years ago when I went to Canada I took pictures of everything and I mean EVERYTHING! From the food we ate to the shadow I thought looked cool on the ground and to the so-called “Canadian” Starbucks that we bought. Back to my point, I took a lot of pictures. Along with my obsession of taking pictures, I also learned and got more comfortable with making iMovies in school. Now that I have a GoPro I have the opportunity to make a really cool movie about our adventures in London and Barcelona. Hopefully it will turn out as good as I’ve been picturing it.

To end my first post I just want to say, Welcome to The Evans Adventures and stay tuned for the behind the scenes and ongoing updates of our trip!★