Back to the UK

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Our flight left early in the morning so we packed up and headed out to catch a taxi. It was sad saying bye to Barcelona. I had so many amazing experiences in the beautiful country of Spain and I will definitely be back.

Looking back on the videos, when we took off from Barcelona we were on the coast and could see the beautiful water. Then, when we landed in London again, all you could see was green. Everywhere. Pastures and pastures of green because the airport was in the country.

We then took the train to the city and the Tube to Chelsea which was where we stayed for the second part of London. We decided to take a taxi to the apartment for the first time, so we wouldn’t get lost on foot and could get situated with the area we were staying in. So we call a taxi, and all pile in with our suitcases, as fast as we could because we were holding up many cars behind us. We then realize there were only three seats and four of us. I’m not sure who found them but there were fold down seats in the back of the driver’s chair. So I was the lucky winner who got to ride backward, in a famous black cab in London, with the driver on the wrong side of the car!

Chelsea is a little farther from all the commotion of the city, which had pros and cons but we had a very nice stay. After getting settled it was lunch time. My parents found a local pub that we walked to. I had the special, which was spaghetti with a yummy meat sauce. After a day of traveling, we relaxed at the apartment the rest of the night, preparing to conquer the rest of the “London List” the next days.