Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2017. What a wild and unforgettable year that I am forever thankful for. Just to recap on the highlights:

  1. I traveled to Europe for the first time, visiting London and Barcelona, and opened my eyes to some of the wonders that the other side of the world holds.
  2. I moved out of the house I had lived in for all 15 years of my life and into another which has proven to be more than perfect for our family. With that, I took full advantage of the opportunity to decorate my new room and turn it into my personal haven. (room tour coming soon!)
  3. I turned 16 and passed the test to get my drivers license!
  4. I traveled to Qu├ębec to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary with the rest of my family from California.
  5. I flew completely solo for the first time to Nashville, Tennessee.
  6. I learned and grew as a soccer player while making fantastic memories doing what I love. This past year I traveled all over North Carolina, and to Virgina, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and to soon New Jersey, to play soccer. All the driving was definitely worth the unforgettable experiences that came with it.

Becuase of these and many other adventures in 2017 it is a year I will never forget. I now close the door to 2017 and open a new one to 2018. I have many hopes for 2018. I hope to grow as a Catholic. I hope to be more willing to share my things with my sister. I hope to figure out where I want to go to school. I hope to become stronger mentally and physically. I hope to score higher on my standardized tests. I hope to travel more. I hope to read more for pleasure. I hope to turn this blog into something very special. I hope to put more time and effort into the things I am passionate about.

Now I can say all things I hope that I will do in 2018 but that doesn’t really matter unless I actually create a plan to get it done. Talking and taking action are two very different things and one requires a lot more work. So let’s get off our butts and make some positive changes in our lives! Hello 2018!




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