The Little Things

So much has happened in the past month. I have many things to share, posts to write, and videos to make. Sometimes thinking about everything thats on the to-do list can be very overwhelming. Sometimes it’s best to just take a deep breath and embrace it all. I appreciate the fact that sometimes I feel overwhelmed because there is just so much I want  to accomplish. I have passions, goals, and dreams that need fueling. I recognize thats not always the case for everyone.

As I sit in the car on this road trip back home from Tennessee I watch the trees zoom by the window. I see the Great Smokey Mountains in the distance. My sister is asleep next to me. My mom is working on her laptop in the front seat and my dad is listening to his favorite podcast while he drives. I appreciate these little things so much more now. We have taken many road trips as a family just like this one and I took them for granted when I was growing up. I feel like now that I’m in college and I don’t see my family as often, the time we spend together is much more special to me.

Sometimes I start thinking about random things and I don’t stop till I’m able to get my thoughts down on paper. Just know there’s some bigger updates to follow this little mini one.

I’m happy. Grey’s Anatomy starts this week. Fall is coming. It’s the little things that make life so good.