Easter in Barcelona

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!!

This morning we decided to sleep in and it felt great! We wen to mass at 1 and the Cathedral of Barcelona. It was so pretty. We got there right on time so we had to sit in the back but we got to watch on monitors. It was hard to focus when all you wanted to do was look up and just stare above you at the AMAZING architecture. It was a beautiful mass to say the least.

After, we went back to the apartment to change and put on some walking shoes. We took the Tube to a place and walked the tiny streets that are filled with so much character. We saw a sign for this restaurant down a side street so we explored and ended up having some rally good Paella. The street also had some really cool art which always makes for some good artsy pictures.

We started making our way to the Picasso Museum but stopped for some yummy gelato. I got really cool cone that had a spot for 2 scoops. I got mint chocolate chip and dark chocolate. We then explored the very interesting Picasso Museum, everything from his sketches, to drawings, and paintings. Being able to even see a painting signed with the name Picasso was very cool.

We then explored some more and ran into Parc Cituadella which is apparently the place to be. It seemed as though everyone was having a picnic and catching up with friends. There were drums being played, dogs being walked, and handmade jewelry being sold. We then found Cascada Monumental which was a really pretty fountain. There were stairs that you could walk all around it. We then got to the place we had planned to visit in the first place- Arc de Triomf. Such a neat monument made out of a really pretty red stone.

Then we hopped on the Metro back to the apartment to drop me off and my sister and parents went to the market to buy some breakfast and, as always a late night snack. It was one great Easter in Barcelona!

**Take a look a the new pictures I posted!!