The Best of Seattle

Hello and Happy Summer!! On June 20th I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Seattle, Washington with my soccer team to play the sport that I love. This was our 3rd trip flying as a team so we pretty much had the logistics down pat. The dedicated coaching staff and chaperones make it a priority that that the trip ran very smoothly and I couldn’t be more thankful for each and everyone of them. When flying into Seattle I had 3 initial thoughts. 1. There are SO many trees. 2. EVERYTHING is green. 3. It’s NOT raining!!! All of these circumstances really made Seattle make a wonderful impression on me.

My team and I were very lucky that our hotel was located in the center of downtown Seattle so many attractions were situated in walking distance. Between competing in our 3 games, we were able to fit in lots of sightseeing which truly made the trip unforgettable. So… I present to you…

The Best of Seattle

1. Space Needle

Probably the most iconic monument in Seattle. Standing at 605 feet tall you are able to see views of the entire city and the water. While standing in line you are able to learn about the entire history of the building from writings, infographics, and interactive elements. My team and I then took the 43 second elevator ride to the top and stepped out onto the platform. Currently there is a renovation taking place where they are making the entire floor of the restaurant glass which will be really freaky. I was already nervous about the walls being glass. There are also glass benches you can sit on that are tilted so it feels like you may fall off the edge. The views were amazing and I would recommend it to everyone who travels to Seattle.

2. Pike Place Market

When walking through the market scents of fish, flowers, and pastries fill your nose. It’s quite the combination of smells but the most beautiful combination of sights. There’s so much to look at when walking trough the market. Across the street there are really cute and yummy places to eat. Some of my teammates and I chose a European Sandwich place which make all their food on focaccia bread. It was soooo good. Right next to the market also stands Seattle’s Gum Wall, which is both cool and disgusting at the same time. There is so much to do at the market from shopping, eating, and just observing the action that takes place. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

3. Ferry to Bainbridge Island

The ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island is a great way to get out of the city and explore a little more of Washington. The day we took the ferry the weather was beautiful. The sun was out and the breeze felt amazing. The views of the skyline from the water is something else. On the way to the island you have a great view of snowcapped Mount Rainier. The island itself is very walkable and holds many shops and locally owned restaurants. It was a nice calm change from walking around the city a lot. The ferry is the perfect excursion for a relaxing day.


Overall my trip to Seattle was one of the greatest highlights of my summer. Having never been to Washington I was glad to have loved it so much. The mix of all the green trees along with the city plus it all being on the water as well was breathtaking. I will definitely be back!★

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