About the Blog

Why is my blog called TELL MORE?

Because I want to travel, explore, live, and laugh more. Get it? It’s an acronym lol.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine

I love to travel for all the experiences and memories it brings. For the smile that overwhelms my face. For the close relationships I gain with my family. For the knowledge that I collect and am able to use in life. I desire to travel in order to appreciate the amazing things that people have created. In order to have my breath taken away again and again by the landscapes and scenery that look too good to be true. Traveling opens your eyes to many different cultures, languages, foods, and ways of life. God created such a beautiful world for us to live in and I have great ambitions to see just as much of it as I can. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time on earth.


“There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this”

When you explore you begin to discover new things. Discovering new things makes you ask questions and learn. Learning and increasing our knowledge is critical in our ever-changing world. Exploring leads you to uncover the worlds greatest qualities. Learning helps you grow as a person and improve for the better. The human race has created live changing inventions because of their desire to explore and create things to influence the world. And not only explore the world but explore questions you have and topics you’re interested in. With the knowledge you gain from that you can help defend and fight for the things you believe in when others disagree. Never stop exploring.


“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

“Live your life to the fullest”- a saying that is heard quite often and in my opinion, it’s a lot easier said than done. When you do this you gain many rewards. Rewards like the amazing experiences you make and the wonderful people you meet to accomplishing goals, dreams and always taking advantage of gratifying opportunities. All of this seems wonderful but it takes a lot of effort to get there and a lot of stepping out of your comfort zone, which can be scary. Someone once told me to “become comfortable being uncomfortable” and I truly believe it because great things come from stepping out of our comfort zones. I am sure Alex Morgan was scared the first time she played with the US Women’s National Team, and Beyonce when she performed for the first time, and Ryan Gosling when filming his first movie, but just remember we all have to start somewhere.


“A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplain

Life can be very tough. People get caught up in work and school all the time. According to the American Psychological Association, over 44% of Americans have reported their stress levels increased over the past five years. I’m telling you, people! We have got to start laughing more! Smiling at someone can turn their day around and inspire them to do the same. There is nothing like remembering the time you couldn’t speak and your lungs hurt because you were laughing so hard. Let’s change the world by making someone laugh one day at a time!